Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade


I’m continuing my reading log of The Children in Room E4.

I’ve used the thumbnail of my mutliflow map click on it to view it full sized.

Again the biggest difference between my students and Jeremy is the violence. Thankfully we don’t have the street violence around my school. Though the administration does worry about us staying late or coming in early. There are teachers afraid to walk in the apartments, but I’ve never understood why.

The being raised by grandma and aunts because parents are in jail – that we have way to often. The mentally disabled parents we have also. Some of our teachers went to school with our parents, some of our teachers taught our parents. Every once in a while a teacher will give you a heads up that Mom or Dad are MR. We also have a couple of parents with other mental/emotional problems including schizophrenia, chronic depression, and mood disorder. We have one family were the parents and the children have all been diagnosed with mood disorder. But the parents are willing to get help for the kids, so we are lucky there.

Our 4th graders have 2 classmates with diagnoses of some type of mood disorder. Both students are upfront about it and talk openly about what has happened to them. They aren’t picked on very often and there is a circle of grade leaders that will stand up for them if someone does start.


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