Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Character and Content


I’m continuing a reading log for “The Children in Room E4”

The section Character and Content gives us more of insight to Jeremy and his background.

He is much more streetwise than my students. He lives in an area where shootings are the norm. Our kids don’t deal with that. They do have sex offenders and drug dealers living in the same apartments, and they aren’t allowed to play outside. Our kids know to report needles and condoms they find on the playground, but that doesn’t happen that often. Our custodian checks the playground over before Kinder and PK have their recess.

Jeremy’s isolation reminds me of our student’s isolation. The nature of the isolation is not so much cultural though. Our kids know that some of them live in the apartments and others live in the new houses. That wouldn’t shock them. It is other things. Our kids are less than an hour from Galveston – but have never been to the beach. I took a picture of the Brazos river showing where it is eroding on one bank and depositing on the other bank. This picture was from the bridge that goes in or out of town. They didn’t know what I was talking about. I suspect because of where Jeremy lives, his family doesn’t have a car. Even the poorest of my kids have cars, since there is NO public transport in Richmond/Rosenburg and Houston’s Metro is a joke. They have driven through the better off neighborhoods and seen the houses, but when they cross the bridge no-one in the car says look at the river.

I have had bright, self motivated, high achievers like Jeremy. Unfortunately they are the exception. I remember when a high school service group came to visit. They went to the other 5th grade classes before mine. The High School students were shocked because my students could name Universities they wanted to attend. Granted most were UT and A&M, but I had a couple say Harvard, Yale, West Point, Annapolis, and other “national” universities.The difference between my class and the others – mine was the G&T cluster.

The school that Jeremy is attending sound like a good one. They had good scores, the principal knows the students. I’m interested in finding out were the conflict will be.


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