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He Lived Here?

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I’m reading “The Children in Room E4”, and I’m going to put my reading journal here on my blog.

In this section we meet Jeremy an enthusiastic reader, who is thrilled to be able check out “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. Leaving the library he notices a statue of Mark Twain. There are quotes from Mark Twain about Jeremy’s home town of Hartford, Connecticut. Jeremy is shocked Mark Twain was wealthy and choose to live in Hartford.

How is Jeremy similar to my students?

I have some students who are as enthusiastic about reading as Jeremy is. Would my students be shocked a famous person lived in Richmond or Rosenburg? No, our schools are all named for famous people in the Texas Revolution. They know that Deaf Smith lived in the area and that his is buried standing up. Later – his grave was paved over and is now underneath a crossroad. They know who Jane Long was and were she lived.

The idea of wealthy people living in the area is not shocking, they see the homes. We also have a middle income neighborhood that feeds into the school as well as the very low socio- economic neighborhood around the school


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