Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

The drive to school

Every morning I load up my IPod with Podcasts and music for my 30 min to school and 45 min home commute. On “This American Life” they were talking about apartment supers. The 1stsection, was by a reporter who discovered that his super had possibly saved his life. Seems the landlord had used the super to hire hitman to kill the landlord’s brother-in-law. During a rent dispute the landlord had talked about having the resident representatives, including the reporter, killed. The super went to the police and told them about the other murder, figuring he was going to be framed for killing the residents.

The reporter found out, when interviewing a
ADA about another case.

http://www.thislife.org/ Click on 2007 archives it is the 1/5 episode.


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