Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

The Play

One thing I don’t like about being a Specials Teacher is working on the plays. The 3rd grade play is going better, than the 5th grade play did. The music teacher had a meeting with Principal. A calendar was drawn up, assigning us different jobs.

At the time, I was having a major allergic reaction on two fingers of my left hand. I couldn’t type very well because the pressure would cause the skin to split and my fingers to bleed. So Music teacher typed up the songs. I then formatted them for the projector. I loaded the songs onto her I-pod.

The programs are already designed and printed. Big improvement over the 5th grade program, when Lucy and I were given the program information the day of the program. Then she got upset because the program was just a flier. Later she was upset, because I didn’t hand out fliers. I did hand out fliers – but she printed enough for last year when 2 grades were performing. Of course we had about 1/2 left over, we only had one grade performing.

The kids have all but one song down. Of course we having practiced the speaking parts yet. I hope to God she doesn’t add more speaking parts at the last minute – like she did for the 5th grade program.

 Why she added stuff about Thanksgiving to a Veteran’s Day program, I don’t understand.


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