Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

First Day Back

Well we started back today. We had kindergarten kids in tears, just like the first day of school. Classes were late “because we forgot how to line up” How can kids especially 3rd grade and up forget the rules in just a week. But then we have teachers who don’t obey the rules.

 I have encouraged teachers to send their students in to use the extra computers during class. I have made every effort to help them with computer time. I’m there early so kids can do successmaker, they can send kids in during my classes. I never send kids back to them during their conference time. Why do they think they can take up my conference time. I go by the lab to get some equipment during my conference, and find 5 unsupervised students. I tell them to logout and leave. I walked into the lab after lunch, so I could start setting up the computers for Kinder, and find 10 unsupervised students in the lab.

If something happens to them or the computers – I’m the first one who is going to have to answer questions. I’ve already spoken to my AP about finding unsupervised kids in the lab. I’ve already spoken some teachers. I’ve told the kids that they are to leave the lab, if they are sent in and I’m not there. The problem is teachers bring students, telling them to logon, and then leaving.


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