Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Construction Woe

Our school was remodled over the summer. Yea over the summer. I have to say they got the walls up, we were built as an open concept school.

We started school in August. In September we got doors, not just classroom doors but solid outside doors on each Pod.

A couple of weeks ago a man showed up in my lab and wanted to know why the computers were still up. He was to install new counter tops – Yeah I’m getting rid off the ugly pipe tables – Oops it is 2:30 on a Friday double oops the new white board is to low on the wall . Turns out no-one on the construction side has made arrangements for him to get in the building over the weekend. So he leaves the materials blocking a set of shelves in the library.

 Come next Friday, maintance from the district finally shows up and raises the white board to where the counter top guy said it needed to be. Tech shows up to move all the computers out. Over the weekend the countertops are installed. But the electrical wiring is just hanging down. Not exactly safe. So the foreman shows up makes an angry phone call to the electrician. I have great fun having class on Monday. Since I can’t have kids in my room, I have to take over the research section of the library.

Tuesday I come in and the electrical wires are now installed safely. Tech shows up to reinstall my computers. I’m back in the research section of the library with my kids for the morning.

We still have 6 teachers, who do not have a working computer in their classroom. Since we are required to e-mail our lesson plans, this is a problem. On really frustrating thing – 2 of the disconnected teachers aren’t even in the construction zone. They are on the newer kinder wing. Their computers were working – but someone unplugged them from the network. Our tech can’t plug them back in until networking gives the OK.

Now there is a worm in the network and they aren’t hooking up any computers till it is out of the system.


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