Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade


I teach Instructional Technology in an elementary school located outside of Houston, Texas. This is the first year for the position at our school, before this I taught 5th grade G&T.

 The other teachers seem very pleased with what I’m doing with their students. I focus mainly on the science curriculum and teach the students how to use technology in the framework of science. For example our 4th and 5th graders are designing a “custom made” planet. They are using the internet for research, graphics program for some drawing, scanning in other drawings.

Our 3rd graders are going to make an antimated movie about how volcanos are formed.

I’m working with our 4th grade G&T teacher helping her find resources for a Christmas Holidays around the world project.

I would love to have our students use other resources like blogging, but am prohibited by current district policy. I’m hoping to get those policies changed. I’m using information I gather from other teachers to advocate for more freedom for the students.


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